Our Values


CxDesign's singular dedication is to the realization of your solution through application of our technological

expertise. From concept through completion, our commitment to achievement of our customer's objectives 

ensures that deliverables meet expectations. Understanding, Identifying, and Adapting to the ever-

changing demands of our customer's competitive arena is the unparalleled value CxDesign provides.

Correct by Design (CxDesign) was founded in 1996 to become our client's preferred partner for ASIC and FPGA engineering services. In fact, most of our clients are repeat customers. We are a private company that has grown steadily continuously providing engineering teams and technology that exceeds the expectations

of our clients who range all the way from the largest of semiconductor companies to small system companies.

We excel in working closely within your company on any facet of your design from system architecture to

layout, all to accelerate your time to market.

Whatever your ASIC or FPGA design requirements are CxDesign can deliver the results you need!

Our Company