• Behavioral  modeling
  • RTL design (Verilog and VHDL)
  • Design reuse and IP cores
  • Functional verification
  • Synthesis and Physical synthesis
  • Static timing analysis
  • Emulation and acceleration techniques
  • Datapath synthesis
  • Power analysis
  • Design for Test
  • Formal verification
  • Configuration management
  • Project management

Application Spaces

  • Video - Framebuffer, Overlay Manager
  • Communications- CDMA 2000 Basestation, Satellite Transceiver, Cable Set-top Box
  • Microcoded Engines- Programmable Interface Processors SOC Design/Verification - GSM, CDMA, TDMA handset baseband controllers, Bluetooth baseband controllers
  • Embedded Systems- ARM7, ARM9, XSCALE, MCORE, STARCORE
  • I/O Interfaces - PCI, PCI-Express, USB, AMBA, UTOPIA, SPI-4, SIM, I2C, SPI, SSI, UART, LVDS, Microwire, PSP, SSP
  • Buses - SMBus and SST serial busses
  • Other Areas of Expertise - Storage, Graphics, Telecom, DSP, Test (JTAG, BIST), Analog Sensors, Data Encryption, Medical

ASIC and FPGA Design

CxDesign maintains expertise in most ASIC design phases from architectural design, modeling, RTL coding, functional verification, logical as well as physical synthesis, formal verification and static timing analysis. We have experience with Deep Sub-Micron (DSM) process technologies and have supported a large number of ASIC Vendor libraries.

CxDesign has developed significant FPGA expertise in projects supporting product development, ASIC prototyping & software development platforms. We are familiar with major FPGA vendor architectures & design flows. We have successfully addressed issues related to high-reliability and high-density as well as high-speed designs.  ​

   Design, verification & Methodology services to meet        all your ASIC and FPGA needs.